“The music of Karl Jenkins is a gift to humanity.”

Terry Waite

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The Arts Club – Sir Karl Jenkins Music Award in association with  Classic FM

The search is on for the UK’s most talented instrumentalist (aged 18-25) and submissions are now open for the 6th annual competition!

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Andrea Vizzini Artwork

Very late one night in 1997, across a dark and deserted St. Mark’s Square, Venice, I saw a painting, lit like a beacon, drawing me inexorably to the window of Galleria Ravagnan. It made a deep impression on me and as my wife and fellow musician, Carol, remarked, it looked like my music sounded. I simply had to have it so I returned the next day, bought the painting and began a long friendship with gallery owner Luciano Ravagnan.

On a return visit, a year or so later, I met and befriended the artist only for us both to discover that he, not knowing who had bought his painting, had been painting to my music!

Thus the paintings on the site are by the eminent Italian artist, Andrea Vizzini whose work reflects, pictorially, the ethos of my music; of today but with a traditional core.

Enjoy your visit but more importantly, enjoy the music.

Karl Jenkins

Karl Jenkins

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